Resources for Spiritual Direction and Retreat

compiled by William C. Mills


Spiritual direction, or often referred to as spiritual companioning or accompaniment  is when someone other than a friend, such as a pastor or trained lay person shares the walk of faith with you. They listen to your story, offer gentle guidance and direction, and will pray for and with you.


Individual or group retreats are time away from the busy routines of family, work, and routine. Retreats are a time away for reflection, rest, and prayer. Individuals or groups go to retreat centers that provide time for reflection, a chapel for prayer, and food for the body. Some retreat centers offer directed retreats whereby a retreat leader guides the group in a particular theme such as Scriptural reflections on the gospels, the role and purpose of prayer, or on a similar topic. Other retreat centers offer a guided one to one retreat while others just provide the space and the group provides their own retreat leader. Some retreats are non-directed which means that you use the time and space as you deem appropriate.



Spiritual Direction:


Spiritual Directors International



Retreat Centers:


Roman Catholic Monasteries


Roman Catholic Retreat Houses /hermitages.hmtl


Orthodox Monasteries

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