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Being a gate agent looks like it would be a stressful job. With the talks of a recession looming around us, theres no better time for companies to future-proof their contact center for whatever may come our way this year (and beyond). Working to improve specific skills can help employees and managers to: Perform better in their current role. Power to the People: 5 Ways to Elevate the Agent Experience On the other hand, there are some great benefits to working for an airline. Instead, wait until boarding is almost complete; then place (or stuff) jackets over existing bags. Provide agents with the right technology and tools. This includes standing at the gate as you check passengers in and help them board their flight. But what else? Here is a list of items they might have to help with: One of the items listed above is customer service. That bar code is hard to scan properly especially when rushing. As you do this research, you do not want it to be one-sided. Three ways to improve your airline's customer experience 1. Others jabbered into cell phones without even acknowledging me. in Public Relations from the S.I. Identify ways to improve the relationship. January 24, 2022, Caroline Morse Teel - As Strategic Contacts Lori Bocklund points out in her analysis of the Challenges & Priorities survey results, employee engagement has been a perennial top priority over the years. My role: scan boarding passes. Agents take their cues from the pilots and control tower personnel, who weigh numerous factors when making a decision. You can be as efficient as possible, but one mistake causes the house of cards to crumble. Reducing effort on the agent side makes their job more efficient and can often prevent them from having to ask customers to repeat information that they have already given. Five minutes to go, one gate-checked bag to offload, and the seconds were ticking fast. b) Web mining. Increase team morale and promote job satisfaction. Copyright 2023 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. No one wants to admit that clients are dissatisfied. This means that you can potentially work shifts at times and on days that most jobs wont allow. But with an increasing focus on technology, it can seem like live agents are getting left behind. According to Accenture, companies with great employee experiences still outperform the S&P 500 by 122%. Most airlines use archaic codes to perform even simple tasks. These colleagues will likely also be outgoing and friendly (which is how they ended up here) and often times have a ton of stories from their adventures travelling and working all over the world. Sheitelman previously ran her own marketing communications firm and global marketing at Aspect. Provide agents with the right technology and tools.Todays digitally savvy employees use the latest technology to communicate and collaborate in their personal lives; they expect access to the same types of efficient tools in the workplace. 2. Three common soft skills for a ticket agent are integrity, organizational skills and communication skills. If the flight appears to be full, approach the agent nicely to volunteer your seat and take a later flight if needed. "It is the successful execution of individual parts of a project that contributes to its overall success. Gate agents are responsible for preparing passengers for a flight by helping them get checked in and ready to board the aircraft. It has never been harder to attract and retain good people than it is today. Checking in Passengers: Gate agents also are tasked with checking your boarding pass to get you checked in for your flight as you board the plane. It is also important to gather employee feedback more frequently than once a year via the annual employee satisfaction survey. Weve seen documentation (not naming names) of attrition rates as high as 150%as in agent positions being hired for more than once a year EACH. Revenue, sure. Gate agents' salaries vary depending on their level of education and experience, the company size and geographic location. Research conducted by Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage, revealed that experiential organizations had more than four times the average profit and more than two times the average revenue. Gate agents are often times are on their feet for a majority of their shift. Offering new ways for customers to get in touch. This could be leading meetings or projects, mentoring or training newer team members, and other tasks like that. This is especially true when you are first starting out. Be Informed Know what airline you booked your reservation with, particularly if it's a codeshare flight. Its better for them than a line of inquisitive passengers. Au contraire. Any hard-working agency can do that. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. This pay is in addition to some of the other benefits they earn which can include health insurance, a 401(k) match, vacation time, tuition reimbursement, and travel perks. Download our whitepaper for a crash course. Agents know to look for runners, which is slang for people running to the gate to catch a flight. If you're interested in becoming a gate agent, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. Earlier in the article we mentioned that one of the hardest parts of being a gate agent is that passengers are often upset due to situations like flights being delayed or cancelled. Ask for constructive feedback. "But the true value of having an agency partner is making the brand feel uncomfortable in a good way," Wiseman says. Increase the use of AI throughout the process end-to-end. Most Common Skill Reservations - 25.1% See All Skills Ticket Agent jobs 2. Adding tools to improve remote work. Whatever theyve got is making an impact. Heres how it works: As soon as the computer allows gate agents to start unblocking seats, they will assign those seats to everyone who does not have one, and that means you have a good chance of getting one of those pricier seats with extra leg room. "It's challenging them to think outside the box. And they communicate this belief with their . interview question. In doing so, the report provides a unique contribution to the debate on the impact of AI in healthcare in four ways: 1) decision makers' view of the state-of-play in this fast-moving field, where developments from just 12 months ago are considered "old news"; 2) a robust new methodology to evaluate the impact of automation and AI on specific skills and activities in healthcare in Europe . Remember they are working under pressure, and one gate delay could lead to punishment. This perception from passengers is unfair. In the case of gate agents, airlines recognize how important their contributions are and pay competitively to retain them. Hollywood loves to portray gate agents who tap away endlessly into a computer with a blank stare. They don't have a process for managing thought leadership marketing initiatives. Push them into the future. Focus on those elementsmaking sure that employees have the tools and resources to do the job, that theyre not having to work around broken processes or outdated policies and that they have what they need to serve customers the way they deserve to be served, she says. Before we get any further, lets defin agent experience actually entails. I went back to the club. Do they feel secure in taking calculated risks on your watch? In addition, the degree to which the IoT allows for cross-platform synergy and engagement has catalyzed the growth of new types of products. 1. Additional Resources On This Topic:. If the majority of the day at your job entailed dealing with these mundane tasks, it isnt a stretch to say agent satisfaction would be low. A Robotic agent has Cameras and infrared range finders which act as sensors and various motors acting as actuators. Im OK with old cliches like the customer is king (queen! Remember: your customers are on the journey right along with you. The new virtual queue management system provides IKEA with three advantages. A land surveyor will come out to your home, survey your property and draw you a plat showing you the shape of your land and how it looks in relation to land around it. When a flight is oversold, gate agents can print vouchers to use toward future flights for volunteers who give up their seats, but they do not have access to cash, nor can they determine the amount awarded. Ostensibly, gate agents are there to help you, but their main task is the punctual departure and arrival of flights. Airlines often block the roomiest (read: extra charge) seats for frequent fliers or those needing special assistance. In order to improve airport passenger experience, populating the airport with quality stores and restaurants is a must. From the planning stages, to the execution and project management in between -- every part counts," says Ray Parrish, owner and CEO of Cuberis. To someone outside of the aviation industry, gate agents seem to do a little bit of everything when it comes to getting passengers ready to board the plane before a flight. No. Just ask nicely. No guarantees, but definitely a good strategy. Its important for contact center leadership to understand this relationship between customer and agent experience in order to see the greatest results from technology. The flip side of that coin is that for many people working at night, on the weekends, or on holidays is very inconvenient. There were nice people too. "Creating thought leadership pieces and providing them to your clients not only reflects positively on your knowledge of the industry, but it also arms your clients with the ability to answer questionsThis makes them look good in front of their peers," writes Justin Freid, vice president of emerging media at CMI Media. Most companies are driven by strategy. Or even mention your client in a press release. Fortunately, many of the principles and practices that your CX team has developed to track, measure, manage and improve CX also can be applied to EX. The gate agent is just the messenger. Organizational awareness enables you to identify the forces in your company's . This way you can launch a product that performs and delivers just the kind of service your customers expect to have. Technically, no. Close the gaps and improve overall customer service and experience. It makes the bins look full, which adds to the stress of cabin crew and gate agents who have to check bags. Self-awareness enables you to build and strengthen that inner compass. If you want a real assessment of client satisfaction, conduct an external audit. Watch this video to learn how Interactions seamlessly combines artificial intelligence and human understanding. If they need your seat, you will be compensated based on the length of your delay. Prioritize and communicate. There are many people out there that have reasons why they would prefer to work hours that are typically considered non-traditional. Make sure staff, pupils and. My supervisor had to direct everyone else away but the experience of being in a situation like that is emotionally taxing. Agent experience is the entirety of every touchpoint that a contact center agent encounters during their workday and with the company for whom they work. January 25, 2022, Brittany VanDerBill - Churn is higher in this industry than in almost any other. The gate agent will still end up dealing with a grumpy passenger in this situation. Customize your client experience strategy to fit individual and organizational goals. How can you help them reach secondary objectives? 36 Teams are financially incentivized for achieving specific milestones toward these goals and for meeting program requirements, such as screening for risk, collaborating with a care Some airlines, like Alaska, JetBlue, and Virgin America, are known for their rather lenient policy on changing flights for free at the airport, but most other airlines charge for the last-minute change. PMHs provide early prenatal care in the first trimester, expand patient access through increased office hours, and engage patients in shared decision-making. Personalize the experience.Employees, like customers, want their experience to be tailored to their individual wants and needs. The gate agent wants to get the flight out on time and will ensure you have your confirmed seat soon. Passengers thought we were twiddling our thumbs, but a half-dozen people were working hard behind the scenes to get them on their way. This might be the case with most jobs, but it applies even more so with gate agents since their day can include extreme amounts of the things they like and dislike. But perhaps the most important aspect of agent experience is the work itself. If theres one thing I can guarantee you about being a gate agent, its that youll never be bored. She inspires a new breed of innovative attorneys at, These Sisters Quit Their Jobs Mid-Pandemic to Risk It All for Their Brand. Or asked me to look up their gate rather than check the information screens a few feet away. If you are applying in person, be respectful and dress in a business casual manner. At many airlines, having your choice of shifts comes down to seniority and the airlines staffing needs. However, unlike previous generations, millennials and Gen Z workers have demonstrated a willingness to change jobs frequently if their needs arent met. I get it, its hard to always interact with unhappy customers or deal with people complaining about a product or service they disliked. In my one-day experience, I encountered two medical emergencies, one soiled seat, one mechanical delay, four upset customers (who arrived off a delayed flight and proclaimed "I will never fly this airline again," a phrase gate agents know all too well), and two unfriendly Detroit flight attendants who accosted the agent for not opening the door fast enough. Many airlines start brand new gate agents in the $10-14/hour range. Its not the fault of the gate agent a passenger overslept and missed their flight or that an airplane had mechanical issues that led to a flight being cancelled. Many airlines are placing kiosks in boarding areas so that people can reprint boarding passes or change seats without seeing a gate agent. You are on your feet much of the day and are usually very busy while also having to help dozens or even hundreds of passengers. Changing seats requires entering a series of seemingly random symbols. So while it does pay to be a nice guy, it comes down to being in the right place at the right time. Agencies do not understand their clients' customers. Airports can be very busy and crowded places and often times these gate agents find themselves dealing with hundreds of passengers on a daily basis. Improve your time management When starting work on a new project, allocating your time properly is everything. From process engineers to customer service agents, employees across Delta have placed boarding under the microscope.

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